MangaSchool Nakano for International School
Manga School Nakano
Manga School Nakano
10 minutes walk from Nakano Station
located just one stop from Shinjuku

Manga School Nakano International

マンガスクール 中野
Standard Lesson Short Course
A course longer than two days, or a combination of multiple mini-courses. These will be arranged after receiving applications. It would be possible to take a certain number of lessons per week, or take them in a sequence (aimed at travelers). There is also the option to make it into a class (for long-term residents). Also, if there is something you want to learn in particular, let us know and we will consider it.
Designing your own character (1 day/for everyone)

Create a character and draw one scene in the setting provided. Then, after a lecture about character design, draw from your own imagination with no example supplied. I will suggest approaches and help guide the whole process, with students free to ask questions at any time.

+1 more day

Designing other characters

Choose one person from the setting provided, perhaps one of the people around the character drawn in the previous lesson. Give him or her a face. This can be one of the character’s family members or friends, for example.

Creating your own characters
(Two days/ intermediate – For students who have drawn manga stories or want to)
After a brief lecture, the student will make an original character and give him or her a background. Students will give their character three-dimensional depth, and, if possible, draw other characters, such as friends. They will also draw one scene to illustrate the character's personality.

Drawing 4-8page short one-shot manga (3 days)

Because it is difficult to draw short story manga, I suggest students draw based on their own experience, or a slice of everyday life. This is very much like an expanded version of the four-panel manga mentioned above. The student will learn how the frame layout should be arranged, and how artists lead reader’s eyes, etc. The students consult me with their ideas and storyboards, and I will advise them on layouts and sketches.

(If a student has a certain idea and story, of course he or she may use it.)

Coloring (1-2 classes)

The techniques I teach are watercolors and digital (Photoshop) coloring. This can be combined with other courses, like “Coloring your drawings.” I demonstrate my original color illustrations so that you see what they are really like.

Digital work (1-2 classes)

Some tips with Manga Studio. I'm not an expert in this field, but there still might be something I can teach. If a student is a beginner, for example, I have plenty to teach. It also could be combined with other classes. This also covers finishing techniques (tone work, for instance) for drawing works, or for drawing a character with Manga Studio from scratch, for instance.

Special program (For intermediate students)

For students who feel they are not prepare to draw one shot manga yet, or are not interested in making story but want to draw manga.

Drawing 2 spread pages manga.
(1- 4 days, Composing 2 lessons & Drawing 2 lessons)

After a lecture about composing the storyboard, students compose 2 spread page manga name (storyboard), based on the script which was provided by the school. They then draw a manga from the storyboard.

Because 2 spread pages are a minimum segment of Manga composing, you learn the essence of manga in this way.
Students can take their own script instead of the one school provided.

Check youtube channel and subscribe! You will find some tips of how to draw!