MangaSchool Nakano for International School
Manga School Nakano
Manga School Nakano
10 minutes walk from Nakano Station
located just one stop from Shinjuku

Manga School Nakano International

マンガスクール 中野
Standard Lesson Long Course
For people who live or plan to stay in Japan for a long time.
Manga Production

Over 12 weeks (3 months), students will aim to complete a 8-16-page one-shot manga. The content is the same as the “Manga Production” course for Japanese people.

Complete a 8 or 16 page one shot manga. (3-6 months)

Course goals

Students will learn as they go through the manga production process by completing standalone manga works. They will experience the necessary elements behind manga production from beginning to end.

Preliminary drawings: 1-2 months

Plot submission

Adapt your own plot to an exposition-development-climax-conclusion structure.

Outline the events, then separate them and reconstruct them with effectiveness in mind (bubble outlines).
Think about the characters’ dialogue (specifically speech mannerisms to match their personalities and ways to set apart their vocabularies).
※Write the profile of your main character.

Turn your bubble outline into a page list.
●Think based on each page spread (split up the pages while considering the layout in broad terms)

Thoroughly omit any unnecessary elements.
Cut out unneeded episodes/dialogue.

Think about how individual episodes and dialogue relate to each other. Make the artist’s intent clear when it comes to individual elements.

Rough character sketches

Make character designs based on the settings and stories you have previously completed. As you do so, keep in mind how you want to show characters’ personalities based on the drawings and how you want the readers to receive them. (Do you want them to be repulsed, to feel they can trust the character, to want to befriend the character?)

Making a name (A story board)

Settle on a flow of layouts and panels with awareness of how the reader will see the page.
Think of what you want to show for each page spread.

Think about opening up space for the parts you want to show, and boldly cutting other parts.
(You will often have to cut out sections during the naming step.)

Always be aware of the camera, of what you want to show and of how you want to show it while creating your compositions.

Drawing: 1-2 months

Rough character sketches + backgrounds

Be mindful of character expressions and poses. Are you using powerful expressions? Poses that conflict with the setting? Movement?

Inking characters + background (props)

Carefully select and arrange props. You can use objects to show characters’ personalities or elaborate on the story.

Rough sketches of backgrounds
Draw backgrounds with simple perspective. Learn what is typically omitted in manga and put this method into practice.

Inking backgrounds –Effects
Effect lines (集中線、スピード線、ベタフラ,etc. Manga Special effects), psychological backgrounds, and more.

ベタ painting black parts (shinny effect, etc.).ホワイト

Tone work

※Techniques will include perspective, tracing over photographs and tone work, as necessary for the individual student.

Manga Drawing Deluxe course - 6 months / once a week /

Manga Drawing Deluxe is required. You can buy it at school.

You can take one / some subjects you like separately.In each section, the student draws 1 or 2 inking illustration.

Face Basic 4 times Advanced 4 times

Body Basic 8 times Advanced 8 times

Background Basic 8 times Advanced 8 times

Composition 8 times

+ graduate work One shot manga around 16 pages (under 24)

●Plot 4 times
●Storyboard 4-8 times
●Character sketch 2 times
●Inking 2 times
●Background 4 times
●Inking background 2 times
●Tone-work 1-2 times

Check youtube channel and subscribe! You will find some tips of how to draw!