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Manga School Nakano
Manga School Nakano
10 minutes walk from Nakano Station
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Manga School Nakano International

マンガスクール 中野
Standard Lesson Mini Course
Course content


Lecture (1 class, 2 hours)

Making Manga

Explanation what it means to make a manga, using original art and layouts from real works as examples (Moon and Blood, Digital Manga, Inc. / Wedding Peach, Shogakukan). Particularly in the case of Moon and Blood, we will illuminate the specific steps, including dealing with an editor, the plot, name, rough sketches (digital), line drawings and working in digital art, all the way to the actual book (paperback).

I believe it’s more effective to look over the text beforehand. I can also answer any specific questions, such as, “Why did you do it this way,” or, “How did you draw this?” The course content will differ depending on the level and experience of the students.



Drawing characters (1 class)

After a simple lecture and Q&A session, we will draw a character. Depends on the student revel, the school offers a sample drawing, or printed line art for paint and screen tone work. Then, using manga tools, we will ink the art and put on finishing touches (Beta, whites, tone work). Depending on the participant’s level they might not finish in one class.

Drawing expressions (1 class)

How to give characters lively facial expressions. After a brief lecture with some examples and Q&A, the student will draw character faces with various expressions based on the example.

Drawing a scene (1 day / 2 classes, pencil work & inking)

After a brief lecture with examples and Q&A, the student will draw characters with backgrounds based on the example. Also: Drawing backgrounds with perspective.


Drawing “chibi” characters/cute mascots (1class)

Covers some tips for drawing the “chibi” characters and cute mascots seen in many Japanese manga/anime. Explains the differences between normal characters and chibi characters. Observe an artist converting a character into “chibi” style, and see how it is done. Then practice drawing a chibi/mascot character.

Four-panel manga (1 day, 2 classes)

We will use a relatively easy example of four-panel manga, “Essay Manga.” After lectures using real examples to show how students how they can draw upon daily life for four-panel manga material, and how to shape that into four parts with exposition, development turn and conclusion, they will then begin to draw. We will finish with inking, tone work/coloring.

Character designs (1 day, 2 classes)

The student will create a character and draw one scene in the setting provided. Then, after a lecture about character design, the student will draw from his or her own imagination with no example supplied. I will suggest approaches and help guide the whole process, with students free to ask questions at any time.

Check youtube channel and subscribe! You will find some tips of how to draw!