MangaSchool Nakano for International School
Manga School Nakano
Manga School Nakano
10 minutes walk from Nakano Station,located just one stop from Shinjuku
Please apply from the "Contact“ in this web site.
If you have any questions, please send a e-mail to "nakano@nakanomangaschool".
I'm very sorry but we do not accept inquiries by phone.

Manga School Nakano International

マンガスクール 中野
Hello there! My name is Nao Yazawa and I am a Japanese Manga Artist! I teach lessons on how to draw manga, in English. There are many people across the world who want to learn how to draw manga, but this can be difficult when one does not live in Japan or can speak Japanese. I've often received e-mails from amateur manga artists from overseas who ask my opinion about their works. Unfortunately it was quite difficult to communicate by e-mail alone, and so I
could not give them what they needed.But now, here at Manga School Nakano, you can learn manga directly from a Japanese Manga Artist. Not only does the school offer English-language lessons here at the Nakano Campus, but also on-line via Manga School Nakano's online-course program. So no matter where you are in the world, you can take manga lessons from home! Courses are open to people from all age groups and skill levels. Why not give it a try?"